Computer Repair

Our expert and friendly staff can provide Computer Repair and technical support for computer problems with your Windows Computer or Apple Macintosh. Whether you need help with hardware, software, networking or peripherals, we have the knowledge you need. Our experienced technicians will fix the
problem in no time and get you back to using your computer for what it was meant…helping you get your job done efficiently and effectively. And all these is provided to you at the most reasonable rates .

Has your computer become slow & sluggish?
Are you getting “OE Errors” and “illegal protection failures”?
Has your computer become unreliable or freezing intermittently?

Do you feel like throwing your computer out the window?
Are you getting close to breaking your computer in half?!

Then let us get your computer in it’s tip-top shape with:

Computer Repair Services that include

• Virus Removal
• Remove temporary and unnecessary files that are cluttering your hard disk.
• Optimize hard disk and check for bad sectors.
• Remove unnecessary programs and startups that are slowing your system.
• Remove annoying pop-ups and advertisements.
• Optimize available memory and resources.
• Detect registry and operating system problems.
• Cleaning and dusting the fans and internal components.
• Evaluate your backup system and make sure they are done correctly.
• Recommend most feasible and least expensive upgrade to speed up your computer.
• And more…

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