Quality New & Refurbished Computers

One computer isn't enough for many people's needs today. Croton Computer Buddy expands your personal and business computing options with sales of top-quality new and refurbished computers. Choose from desktops and laptops.

New Systems

Make us your choice for a fully functional new computer. Our friendly sales people assist you in completing your system with the necessary peripherals and network setup.

We also come to your home or business to install your equipment at your convenience. Stop in soon to choose computers from all major brands, including:

• Lenovo™
• Sony™
• Toshiba™
• Asus™
• Dell™
• Mac

Customer-Driven Service

Our goal is to have you up and running in the shortest time possible with utmost satisfaction. We happily help you any way we can during your transition time as you upgrade and try some of the wonderful new technology. Ask us to show you the hot new items on our shelves.

Refurbished Systems

Save on a computer by investing in a refurbished model from Croton Computer Buddy. All of our refurbished machines come with a 60-day warranty.

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